June 3, 2017

Get Ready For Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood With This Cool Hotbar Simulator

Posted on June 3, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Square Enix is making a lot of exciting to Final Fantasy XIV with the release of Stormblood in two weeks time. A Japanese fan of the game has taken all of the tool tips, ability changes and additional actions and compiled them into an interactive hot bar simulator that you can try right now. It supports both the standard horizontal bars layout and the controller friendly cross media bars.

I’ve already played around with it and put together my bars for my Bard when I get her to 70s. With the changes to current songs, the removal of wide volley and the fact that the old song abilities have been split into three new abilities separate from songs – I had to do a lot guess work and thinking about where exactly I wanted my abilities to be. I’m still not 100% sure I want my AOEs like Rain of Death and Quick Knock on the second bard but I won’t know for sure how comfortable this is until Stormblood goes live on June 16th.

If you’re a current player make sure to check out the simulation tool here, just remember everything is in Japanese.


BrokenJoysticks Announces Partnership With vrgamecritic

Posted on June 3, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Virtual Reality is an emerging technology that I am really passionate about and while our site has only reviewed a handful of VR compatible titles. it is something that I hope to change in the coming months. It is this with this passion in mind that we’ve teamed up with vrgamecritic.com to help aggregate our eventual expanded VR related content to new readers.

Vrgamecritic.com is a reviews aggregate that functions like Metacritic and other similar services – combining multiple reviews from multiple outlets to bring about an aggregated score for a given title. Only their focus is strictly within the realm of VR exclusive and VR enabled titles within console & PC.

I also know that an aggregated score is not a perfect metric when it comes to determining the quality of a title – some of my favorite non-VR games probably have low aggregate scores, to be honest. In terms of reviews, both external and those published here, in the end, the judgment on whether a title was enjoyable or not is subjective within a reviewer’s experience with the game. Also, a written or video review doesn’t represent equate to the enjoyment you may get from a given game.  But there is a certain appeal to seeing a distilled selection of opinions on a given title – I can understand why visitors to aggregate sites come to them and why services like Steam have embedded other aggregates on their store pages.

BrokenJoysticks is going to continue to review everything from AAA to Indie to Free to Play titles as we have for the past half decade. After the absolute chaos that is E3 ends we will be doing quite a few Virtual Reality related pieces and reviews. With companies like Microsoft bringing $399 controller + headset combos and technologies like NoloVR entering production – VR is becoming more accessible in it’s the second year of commercial availability and I want our outlet to provide new VR adaptors with opinions about some of the games that are available to them.


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