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Parascientific Escape sequel approved by NOA, set to release soon

Circle Entertainment announced today via social media that the sequel to Parascientific Escape has been approved by Nintendo of America lotcheck, which means that the game could be released very soon.

The game is a hybrid visual novel and point and click adventure game, with some problem solving involved. Circle released the original game Parascientific Escape: Cruise in the Distant Sea [ REVIEW ] last March.

The story goes that twenty years have passed since the existence of the ESP was officially confirmed. The hero, Ayamei Kyosuke (Ayana Kyosuke) is a detective of the artificial arm artificial eye that has the ability to interfere with objects beyond time and space. He was pursuing the person who killed his own father. Together with his assistant detective cousin Hosoho truth (Mari Sasamine), they arrive at a mansion murder scene and try to unravel the truth. That is where the story begins.

The game was originally released in Japan in December 2015 by FlyHigh Works. You can watch the original Japanese trailer from developer INTENSE below.

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