Quake Champions Gameplay Trailer Debuts At QuakeCon

Posted on August 4, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

At QuakeCon Bethesda debuted the first gameplay trailer for 2017’s arena shooter Quake Champions alongside extended gameplay footage for attendees.

In this debut footage, we get our first glimpse at the first person brutal mayhem that will await us next year. The trailer is heavy on rocket jumping, exploding enemies into giblets and the vertical level design that made Quake III such a popular game over 17 years ago.

ID Software will be live-streaming multiplayer footage live on the Quakecon Twitch.tv channel tomorrow afternoon and there are a number of panels that will also be live-streamed for those of us who couldn’t be in Texas this year.

Attendees will also get the first look at the Prey reboot handled by Arkane Studio, unfortunately, that extended demo is only for in-person attendees.