Sekai Project Heats Things Up With Steam Summer Sale

Steams summer sale is upon us! Each year in the summer Steam teams up with all the bets developers including our own beloved Sekai, to bring all the best in games, for the lowest prices. Seaki’s entire catalog is basically on sale! I can recommend my beloved Nekopara, as well Clannad from exepreience! Titles prices range from 10% off all the way up to 85% off! Now is your chance to grab all of those games on your wishlist. From visual novels and kinetic novels to platformers and puzzlers…there’s something for everyone! The sale even covers the newest set of releases, The Orchard of Stray Sheep, My Little Kitties, and The Labyrinth of Grisaia.

So whats a VN anyways?

If you have never played a Visual Novel (vn) before ill give you a few tips and a basic overview! Most visual novel are a story that is read out loud in English or Japanese. Along with this reading are images that show the story progressing! Some also contain minigames, or other story mechanics to progress the story!

I personally recommend Nekopara, it is a visual novel about adorable cat girls who work at a bakery! Its rated M an has some very adult content. If thats not what you want Clannad is is a sweet story about love. If you are more in to the action world you can check out ReversexReverse a game full of action and adventure!

I am really excited to be able to pick up and play some of these VN’s! Which ones will you be playing? tell us on Twitter or Facebook!

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