The newest trailer for Potions: A Curious Tale is here!

Here at Brokenjoysticks we are super proud of our own Renee Gittins, Shes an indie developer, a community leader, and of course a great writer! So it is with an extreme amount of pride that we present the new Kickstarter trailer for her game Potions: A Curious Tale. Stay a while and Listen to the story of a girl and her quest to become a potions master, and make sure you click on this link to add to her to your social media!

[youtube id=cPX-E13eGK8]

Renee reports from the floor of many conventions, and writes opinion and news pieces for brokenjoysticks, she can be reached on twitter  and at  Be sure to stay tuned here for the games launch on kickstarter! Brokenjoysticks will also be providing all the latest news on the game which has already been featured at PAX, and by the Square Enix Collective!

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