GDC 16: Partying With Destructoid & Homefront The Revolution

Homefront The Revolution

Tonight in San Francisco longtime gaming website Destructoid celebrated their 10th anniversary with a downtown bash for both GDC attendees and the public. They also partnered with Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios to help promote the upcoming Homefront The Revolution. I got the chance to attend this pretty sweet party, here are my impressions.

The line to get into the party was absolutely massive, fans & conference attendees alike lined up around the block for their chance at getting into the celebration. Surprisingly things moved at a rather brisk pace and despite the line’s size I was into the event in a little under ten minutes times.

Destructoid chose an interesting venue for their 10th anniversary party – the upper floor consisted of a softly light lounge area where conference attendees and members of the Destructoid community conversed about everything from game design theory to recent political events. If I had to describe an atmosphere for the upper floor, it would have to be ‘laid back’. A much larger basement area housed a rather spacious dance club style bar that was adorned in Homefront The Revolution logos and neon signs accompanied by loud thumping live music. Quite the contrast to the upper floor!

Sadly Homefront The Revolution was not playable at the 10th anniversary party despite being heavily marketed alongside Destructoid’s big milestone. I did however, manage to snag some cool pictures from tonight’s event which you can check out after the jump.

Here is some of the artwork for Homefront that was on display.


Crowds pack the Destructoid 10th Anniversary party

I tried to self with the Destructoid Robot, it didn't come out so well.

I tried to self with the Destructoid Robot, it didn’t come out so well.

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