Humble Pathfinder Bundle Provides Endless Fantasy For As Little As $1

Humble Pathfinder Bundle

Are you an experienced adventurer with years of quests under your belt? Perhaps you are a newbie who just only learned how to hold a sword? Regardless of your level of skill I’m sure we’ve all got lost in a fantasy at least once in our lives and now with the Pathfinder Humble Bundle finding your next adventure could cost as little as $1!

That might seem like a bit of a sales pitch but honestly the Pathfinder series is probably one of my favorite tabletop systems. The authors took the core of Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 and thanks to the D20 Open license have made a number of improvements while expanding on the settings, creatures and rulesets that made the early 2000s D&D 3.5 roleplaying system so popular.

Here is how the tiers break down, even the $1 tier gives you more than enough material to start and adventure with your friends. All copies are digital with the exclusive of the highest tier.

$1 Tier

  • Pathfinder Core Rulebook
  • GameMastery Guide
  • Pathfinder Digital Beginners Box
  • Player Folio
  • Advanced Classes Guide
  • GM Screen
  • Pre-made adventure “Hell’s Bright Shadow”

BTA (Beat The Average) Tier

  • Inner Sea World Guide
  • Strategy Guide
  • Bestiary
  • Ultimate Equipment
  • Pathfinder Scenario: “Between The Lines”
  • Pre-made adventure “Hell’s Bright Shadow Pt.2”
  • Advanced Player’s Guide

$15 Tier

  • Ultimate Magic
  • Ultimate Campaign
  • Ultimate Combat
  • Bestiary 2
  • Pre-made adventure: “Hell’s Bright Shadow Pt. 3”
  • Inner Sea Map
  • Year of the Sky Key (23 pre-made adventures)

$25 Physical Items Tier

  • Pathfinder RPG Beginners Box
  • All of the above digital content

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