Development Halts On Spiritual Successor To Final Fantasy Tactics, Unsung Story

Today it was announced that PlayDeck the developers behind Yasumi Matsuno’s spiritual successor to the PlayStation classic Final Fantasy Tactics, Unsung Story, has ceased active development. This shocking revelation that the once promising strategy RPG would see no further development came in the form of an update to KickStarter backers who helped fund development efforts.

Several key staff members left the developer after their last update to backers in October 2015. PlayDeck released a short statement about the financial viability of continuing work on Unsung Story and that in time they may be able to get a third party to finish work on the game.

In part their statement read:

“After we posted our latest development progress, we unfortunately lost a few key staff members that were part of Unsung Story development, and that has had an impact on any progress since then, as well as our product focus”

Unsung Story launched their KickStarter campaign in 2014 to much fanfare. Playdeck originally pitched the game as a immersive single player strategy RPG that would explore the history of the world that Matsuno envisioned.  In the fall of this year development priorities appeared to suddenly shift with PlayDeck announcing that they would be rolling out a PVP online combat mode prior to releasing any single player content.

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