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Battle Royale Game Coming to Steam and it features 16 player combat

Ever wished you could enact the hunger games somewhere that had a bit better graphics than Minecraft? Well, your prayers have been answered. The Culling will be coming to Steam early access in March. The game features 16 players on an island, who are given various weapons and sent off to kill each other. The launch trailer features, crafting, scavenging, and  a whole lot of killing. “There is no second place, only one can be called the winner”

[youtube id=Ol2BiUUJj0]

The studio, Xaniant, which also made Lichdom Battle Mage, said the games origins traced back to a simple question.

“I asked a small, talented team to come up with their dream game and gave them the autonomy to build it,” Xaviant founder and CEO Michael McMain said in a news release. “The Culling is the result of that effort. It has been the highlight of my career!”

The game looks very much like, Rust, Day-z, and H1Z1, all of which feature crafting and killing other players for fun. However it’s also limited to 16 players, and seems to have a time mechanic, something none of the other survival games have. I for on am looking forward to getting slaughtered for the wood I am carrying.

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