Superhot Release Date Announced

Superhot release date

Gamejam darling Superhot, the time-bending shooter currently in development by the creatively named Superhot Team, has gotten a release date. In the trailer linked below, the developer has revealed the game will be coming out on the 25th of February. Check out the full trailer below the jump.[youtube id=QWJSiJsmO-A]

Superhot started out as a prototype made for the 7dFPS competition. The original version of the game is playable here for free. It’s easy to see why it took the internet by storm, and when the devs put up a kickstarter to develop a full version of the concept, it raked in 100k in less than 24 hours. Even nearly two years later there’s still a lot of buzz around this thing, and the fact that the developers have taken this long to make it is something I’m going to choose to interpret as a good sign. Seeing as this is a game that is great at making everything you do look great, I’m looking forward to picking this one up and inflating my ego about a month from now.

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