Circle Hints at Several New Games

Circle Entertainment confirmed and teased a few things recently via their Twitter account.

One of the first things mentioned is that a new game is on the horizen. The game, thus far untitled but referred to as a “Japanese adventure story game” has approved at lotcheck by Nintendo of America. The game is pending approval with Nintendo of Europe.

Also mentioned is a 3DS port of a game called Toy Defense. That game could be the Toy Defence game that is currently available via Google Play, though that’s not confirmed as of yet.

The last one was from a Tweet on Monday which is a little more vague. The tweet mentions the localization team being overwhelmed because of a JRPG. While there is nothing specific mentioned, this could be in reference to a game from Inside System called I Love Japanese RPG. Inside System is the developer behind the two The Legend of Dark Witch games, which Circle Entertainment released.

Could this game from Inside System be next?

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