Upcoming Dragon Ball RPG for 3DS, Dragon Ball: Project Fusion

Posted on January 18, 2016 by Broken Joysticks

Some news from 2chan.net , a popular Japanese image board, there seems to be a new Dragon Ball 3DS RPG on the horizon!
Namely Dragon Ball:Project Fusion. The images show Broly and Goku at the end pose of a fusion dance, so where this could go is anyone’s guess.
As far as I can tell the main focus of the game will of course be on various fusions, likely one’s we’ve yet to see.

Honestly, it looks pretty cool. Dragon Ball fans are certainly no stranger to Dragon Ball “what if” stories, and this will probably be no different.
There’s not a whole lot that has been leaked as of yet. They did detail on 2016 release in Japan. No information yet as to the price.

Source: 2chan.net

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