Steam’s Christmas Gift- A non-working store!

Posted on December 25, 2015 by Erika

After getting messaged by a friend on steam on how to clear out card info, I wondered to myself, “what the heck is going on?” I looked over onto SteamDB’s Twitter to see that  “Valve is having caching issues allowing users to view things such as account information of other users. Don’t use Store for now.” To my dismay, and possibly the ire of thousands of PC gamers, people are unable to make Steam purchases as all the store pages are just currently cashed versions. People on twitter are reporting that they are seeing other people’s cached pages due to this issue and is a possible security risk for users. It’s been suggested to avoid the store completely for now.

Here’s hoping Valve can fix this before too long


Valve has taken the Steam Store offline  and users are unable to purchase anything.

The website SteamDB has suggested via Twitter that the issue with random accounts and storefronts showing up may be related to problems with Valve’s caching servers.

Here are some of the details Steam DB shared:


The following post appeared on the Steam Forums by a moderator acknowledging that Valve is aware of the issue:

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