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Carmegeddon reincarnation Updated

Happy Holidays! It’s Carmageddon: Reincarnation UPDATE TIME again, plus all the Carmageddons are HALF PRICE in the STEAM WINTER SALE!

Update 3 is released for Carmageddon: Reincarnation today to enhance your festive mood. And what’s Santa bringing you in his bulging Update sack? The first TRACKED vehicle to the game! Heinz Faust is back in the “Blitzkrieger”, a new version of his killer ride. It features a terrifying set of tank tracks more than capable of crushing everything in its path! And that’s not the only new vehicle you can roar down the streets of Bleak City in… Also introduced is a sleek piece of classic continental metal for you to play with, in the shape of “Shredlight”. It’s an open top racy number that sports Ped-mangling teeth set into its front wings and vicious tyre-shredding wheel spinners!

ALL the Carmageddons are 50% OFF in the STEAM WINTER SALE! Get a real HO-HO HOLIDAY Bargain with all titles on sale at HALF PRICE!

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