Super Mario Maker Updates Adds Captain Toad & Birdo Costumes For Europe

Mario Maker

Just in time for the Christmas holidays Nintendo Europe has unveiled a brand new update for Super Mario Maker that brings three brand new costumes to the level building title.

If you boot up Super Mario Maker on Christmas Day you can score yourself a pretty sweet costume featuring everyone’s favorite adventuring fungus, Captain Toad.  All you have to do is complete a special event course to unlock Mario’s little buddy.

Another set of unlockable character costumes will be made available on New Years Eve thanks to two new NES Remix themed stages. Complete this pair of stages to unlock the Excitebike and Birdo costumes respectively.

We don’t know if these special events will make their way outside of Europe – perhaps its best that you boot-up your Wii U on Christmas Day just to make sure. Last week Japanese players were given the chance to earn a pair of currently region exclusive EarthBound costumes – Mr. Saturn and Master Belch.

Here are Nintendo of Europe’s original tweets announcing the costumes:


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