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The Division Xbox One Alpha Gameplay Footage Emerges – Violating NDA

The Division is only in Alpha testing but gameplay footage is already leaking out like a sieve. Head to this NeoGAF thread to find where you can watch the videos. They show off the game at a level not seen before–but note that the game remains in development. These videos are a violation of the NDA that we know these players had to sign, so dont expect these videos to last for long.

Its always interesting to watch a video of a game that you one know is not done, and two isisnt supposed to be for general consumption. The game is set for a March lanch and in the videos looks at least a little bit more complete than the last time we saw it. Having suffered a large number of delays and setbacks, its nice to see the game in this close to finished of a state. Its always tough to get a feel for a game from gameplay like this, I can tell they are trying to build a story and that there are guns, and gadgets, but the video gives me no real insight in to the game beyond here is 20 minutes of me running around.

the videos feature the player moving around the environment, utilizing the promised gadgets not much else. I was expecting a mission, some story? most of what i saw in the 20 minutes or so i watched was a player walking around in what appeared to be a desolate environment. We do at least get to seem some of the base building that the game seems to feature, as well as the home base missions that I assume are at the start of the game, where the player is tasked with some missions.

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