Tribes: Ascend Gets New Update Two Years After Last One

Tribes: Ascend

Tribes: Ascend is getting a new patch, which is surprising seeing as the last one was in March 2013. At 5 PM EST today the servers will go down for a total of six hours, after which the new patch will be live. The changes the patch makes to the game are too many to list here, but the major improvements include 3 new maps, new weapons, changes to the way the game’s premium currency works, and the rebalancing of existing classes and weapons. The patch notes can be found here

Tribes: Ascend didn’t do too well for the studio, and Hi Rez president Stewert Chisam told PCGamer  in an interview that they weren’t expecting to make much money of of this revival. That’s too bad, because Tribes: Ascend is actually a pretty great game. I played a bunch of it at launch and really enjoyed myself. It’s too bad it didn’t take off the way it maybe should have. Nonetheless, I’ll definitely be logging back into my account to check out some of the changes that have been made. Will you do the same?

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