Total War: WARHAMMER – Gameplay Walkthrough – Greenskins Campaign

The Total War youtube page has posted 17 minutes of brand new game play footage from their upcoming game Total War: WARHAMMER.

[youtube id=vJUWImJUZrU]

help I fell in love.  I am an admitted Warhammer Fan girl,  I have loved almost all of GWI’s games, and SEGA seems to be doing a great job with the licesne. Im currently playing through Warhammer End times: Vermintide, and absolutly loving the level of detail thats been put in to the environment, characters and just the whole game package. So far this game looks as good if not better than any other Games Workshop based game I have seen to date.

The video shows off in beautiful detail the over world map, featuring how much character the map has. We get to see an auto-resolved battle over a dwarf stronghold after with the stronghold get ORKY. The whole look of the structures change, and it gets Ork banners, and pointy spikes and all sort of other things!

We also get a peek at the Ork building tree, its pretty basic, but we can see what major units Orks will have and also see some new units, and how unit upgrades work, as well as hero units. There is no actaul arms based game play int he 16 minutes of video, buts a lot of dumped content to see in that time, plenty of eye-candy visuals, lots of game play mechanics and a good overview of how the whole world level battling works. its worth the 16 minutes of watch.

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