CLANNAD Now Available on Steam from Sekai Project

After a decade, the wait is over! Sekai Project, a publisher and licenser of Japanese new media and electronic entertainment, in cooperation with VisualArts/Key, today announced thatCLANNAD is now available on Steam for Windows-based PCs.

A hugely-successful and internationally known visual novel, CLANNAD was first published and released in Japan on PC in 2004. Along with having been ported to several popular gaming consoles and handheld gaming devices, CLANNAD has made the transition from a Windows-based PC title, to manga, audio drama CDs, and even an animated television series. With the help of Sekai Project and 5,819 Kickstarter backers, pledging $541,161, CLANNAD is now available to a whole new audience.

“The past 11 months have been a rollercoaster ride of dedication and determination from a truly hard working team,” said CLANNAD project director, Yui-Man Mak. “I sincerely hope that everyone will get as much fun out of playing and reading through CLANNAD, as we all did working on it!”

CLANNAD follows the story of Hikarizaka Private High School student Tomoya Okazaki, an emotionally-distant delinquent student. After losing his mother in an accident and subsequently falling victim to an abusive, alcoholic father, Okazaki meets a strange young girl, Nagisa Furukawa, who is repeating the year due to a severe illness. Furukawa enlists Okazaki to help revive their school’s drama club. With nothing much else going on in his life, Okazaki agrees to help, making friends with many of the school’s other students along the way, and learning about all of the different problems and challenges that they face…

This version of CLANNAD features:
· First-ever official English language translated release, complete with the licensed Japanese voice talent of Mai Nakahara, Ai Nonaka, Mamiko Noto, Daisuke Sakaguchi, and more!
· HD Upgrade: All visuals have been upgraded to 1280×960.
· Dangopedia: Exclusive to the English version, the Dangopedia term encyclopedia is a handy reference tool for understanding aspects of Japanese tradition and pop culture.
· Achievements: Steam achievements are supported! There’s also an in-game menu to review your achievement progress.

Watch the opening video for CLANNAD:

Purchase CLANNAD from Steam for $49.99 (£29.99, 45,99€) with a 15% off discount for a limited time:

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