Critics Feel A Mixed Reaction In The Force As Star Wars Battlefront Launches

It’s as if dozens of critics cried out in terror that one of the most anticipated games of 2015 might not live up to fan’s monumental expectations. Today is November 17th and it is probably the second most hyped days this year for long time fans of The Force – save for the December 18th launch of The Force Awakens – today is the day that EA unleashes the highly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

With the game’s launch have come a number of reviews – aggregated by sites like Metacritic  and some not (due to lack of score being given, review-in-progress etc.) – and it seems that early critical reaction is mixed at best. Of course review experiences are entirely subjective and now that the game is out in the wild fans may have a different experience than reviewers. Rather than focus on raw numbers let’s see what individual reviewers have said about the game.


A Sample Of Critical Reaction To Star Wars Battlefront

PlayStation Lifestyle praised the game’s graphics and recreation of iconic worlds:

“Battlefront is the best looking Star Wars game ever made. I can say that confidently, because the footage speaks for itself. While you’ve seen a few locations in the beta, other areas like Tatooine and the forest moon of Endor are all impeccably recreated.”

While criticizing the lack of depth that hard-core or players who plan to stick to the game for the long haul may find”:

“Star Wars Battlefront is a casual fan’s dream come true. That’s not a bad thing, because what’s here is fun, but it’s something you have to consider if you’re looking for a more fulfilling title. There’s light strategy to be had here, mostly in ensuring that your teammates are looking out for one another and staying together when things get dicey.”

Likewise GameSpot also found that the game had fantastic visuals that are faithful to the source material:

“Star Wars Battlefront reminds me why I love Star Wars. Its skirmishes unfold across iconic planets, with gorgeous landscapes and sweeping vistas on a massive scale. Endor’s trees dwarf us. Tatooine’s desert stretches for miles. And when the battle music reaches its peak, and I glide over Hoth’s frozen trenches, I’m right back in my childhood living room, watching The Empire Strikes Back for the first time.”

They also found that outside of Walker Assault the extra modes offered little depth and these modes might start to become a little too familiar with players after a few hours.

“However, just as many of Battlefront’s modes feel uninspired, or even poorly designed. Blast and Cargo are slight variations on team deathmatch and capture the flag, respectively, and are only exciting for several matches.”


It also looks like Gametrailers’ video review is also now live:

Player’s Reactions To The Game

Surfacing the r/battlefront Reddit it appears that some users are experiencing issues connecting to the game’s servers on Xbox One. At least one user reported that their installation percentage starting going backwards and still others are receiving an error asking them to sign into EA Access, Electronic Art’s early access program to play a game that was officially released this morning.  It does not appear that there are wide spread technical glitches or issues with the launch, at least right now but it’s safe to say at least a few potential Force users have had some issues with the game.

We’ve reached out to Electronic Arts multiple times for a digital review copy of the game and have got no response. When the Open Beta was held last month we posted our rather lengthy impressions on why the Walker Assault mode looked promising enough. Should we receive a review copy you can look forward to a full review at some point in the future.

We’d love to know your experiences with Star Wars Battlefront, let us know in the comments section

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