Here’s All of Companions (And Where To Find Them) In Fallout 4

It can be a hard life wandering through the wastes without a soul to talk too. Sure you’ve got your trust canine companion Dogmeat to keep you companion through those first few irradiated nights but sometimes you just want someone to talk too.

Here’s a very brief and helpful guide that will let you find all of Fallout 4’s companions in record time. Whether you’re looking for morally ambiguous Cait, The Minute Men’s Preston Graves or any of the other surprise companions. Here’s our entire list.


Meet The Cast of Companions

Location: Combat Zone
Perk: Trigger Rush – Action points regenerate 25% faster.
Available Quests:

Location: Sanctuary
Perk: Robot Empathy – +10 Damage Reduction against incoming robot laser attacks.

Location: Vault 81
Perk:  Can heal player character 100HP if HP is below 10%

Old North Church
Perk: Cloak & Dagger – additional 40% duration to Stealth Boys and an additional 20% damage from sneak attacks.


: Red Rocket Station – Starting Tutorial
Perk: Attack Dog – When using a dog as your companion there is a chance Dogmeat will be able to slow the targeting giving them a brief debilitating effect. You can take up to three levels in this perk.

John Hancock
Location: Good Neighbour
Perk: Isodoped – Critical value +20% if your character has 250 or more radiation sickness.

Robert MacCready
Good Neighbour
Perk: Killshot – 20% greater chance to hit enemies in the head when using V.A.T.S

Nick Valentine
Location: Vault 114
Perk: Close To Metal – An additional guess when hacking terminals and reduced cooldown time between failed attempts when hacking

Location: Diamond City
Perk: Gift of Gab – Double experience when discovering new locations or when persuading people through dialogue.

Preston Garvey
Location: Concord
Perk: United We Stand – You gain 20% more damage reduction and an additional 20% damage dealt when out numbered.

Trinity Tower
Perk: Berserk – An additional 20% melee damage with melee weapons if your hit points are below 25%.

Location: The Institute
Perk: Shield Harmonics – An additional 20% energy resistance against energy weapons.


A Few Things To Remember About Companions

Once your companion is following you they cannot die and they can make excellent additional inventory spaces. Each companion can carry at least 150lbs with some like Preston going up to 165 lbs! Having Dog Meat follow you does not count against you for taking the Lone Wanderer perk (15% less damage taken and an extra 50lbs carry weight (level 1), 20 less damage taken and carry weight increased by 100lbs (level 2), 25% more damage dealt (level 3).

Goo Hunting!

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