The Division To Allow Some Realtime Swapping

The Division

In a pretty awesome Q&A video with the developers of The Division, some pretty neat details about the game are revealed: first and foremost, the ability to hotswap abilities and gun customizations while in the open world and in combat situations. It’s said that you can have two active abilities at any one time, however, you can swap those abilities out for any of the abilities you’ve earned to that point and the same goes for the appearance and utility of your weapons. It is insinuated, though, that you have to do so through the menu interface so while you’re able to swap during combat situations it’s not recommended that you do so unless you can do so very quickly.

It’s also touched on that you can have four characters maximum attached to an account; this is handy for those who want to experiment with different play styles or loadouts. However, there’s some light insinuation that level difference between characters will be considered when matching them so keeping the level of your characters varied may be a good thing to keep in mind.

Also, for some crazy reason, there’s been an outcry for a couple types of hats… and that’s just… well, it was addressed. Just gonna leave that one at that.

If you want to watch the video, follow the link.

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