New Rock Band 4 DLC Takes Us Back To The 80s

Harmonix’s latest batch of downloadable content for the recently released Rock Band 4 transports players back in time to the 1980s.  First there is Depeche Mode’s 1985 track “People are people”, also to be added will be INXS’ “What you need” and finally rounding out this weeks’ new offerings is Naked Eye’s “There’s always something to remind me”.

Each track will be priced at $1.99 USD and will be available on The Rock Band store later this week when the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace are updated with new content.

I’m a huge music game fan but ill be skipping these latest additions simply due to the fact that most of these songs came out before I was born. It’s not that I can’t appreciate older music but having not really experienced 80’s culture it feels like there is a lot lost on me. Music is a product of the times in which it was composed, in my opinion at least.

Will you be downloading these new tracks? Let us know in the comments section.

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