Nintendo NX to have “industry leading chipset” hybrid design

Nintendo is not known for their consoles power. Histrically they have been under powered but innovative, with the last two being pioneers in motion control and second screen technologies. So it comes as a surprise when in an article in The Wall Street Journal, nintendo is quoited as saying the NX will also reportedly use “industry-leading chips in the devices that will presumably allow for better graphics and deeper functionality.” The article also reports that there will be at least two components to the system, one which can be used as a mobile component and one that can be used as a console. Each can stand on their own. This is not totally unexpected, i remember seeing lots of photos of travelling wii-u’s where only the game pad was being utilized, the one question this does leave me with is, how much? Small screens aren’t inherently expensive but if i have to pay DS level prices for the controller piece of my console it might dissuade me from buying it.

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