Half Life Three confirmed? (probably not but there is at least a hint in the new DOTA update)

Late last night news broke on Reddit.com’s DOTA2 subeddit that the Steam Data base twitter had found a file named hl3.txt in DOTA 2 Reborn update. The file contained three relevant bits when it was unpacked

These three files (links go to github) contain a large number of Interesting things including references to zip-lines, NPC behaviors (squad based information sharing), and Random level generation, the specifics are in the github but the files of interest are

  • “Attribute.prop_zipline.max_ride_speed”
  • “NPCs that are in the same squad (i.e. have matching squad names) will share information about enemies, and will take turns attacking and covering each other.”
  • “A permanent squad member cannot leave the player\’s squad unless killed or explicitly removed by entity I/O. Only use this if you\’re sure you want to override the default AI.”
  • “If you want your citizens to squad with the player but not obey commands the player gives to move the squad, put a concept here and this citizen will speak the concept instead of obeying the order.”

so does this mean we get HL3? or is Valve up to its old tricks again? Who can know but I for one will not be betting on it.



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