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Review Written By: Focks

Rememoried is an indie game developed by Vladimir Kudelka and published by Hangonit. It is a first-person adventure game with puzzle game elements. A very minimalistic, surreal game focused on the exploration of the levels.

One of the main ideas of this game is that dreams become memories, and those memories are then turned back into dreams. Vladimir’s own dreams and memories have influenced the making of the game. One dream can modify previous dreams. Falling asleep while stargazing can make your dreams much more intense.

Many of the levels hover between being abstract and concrete and focus on imagery of that specific level. Flickering pixels and misplaced polygons can be seen in many of the levels. The game is visually stunning and exploring the levels before figuring out how to beat them will let you experience the beauty of this game.

The main mechanic of Rememoried is forgetting; when objects are not in the view of the player they rearrange themselves, moving vertically, horizontally or even both. Using the forgetting mechanic as an opportunity to explore the dazzling levels while further progressing through them.


The sound of flowing water combined with the elegant classical music and eerie electronic music. This combined with a breathtaking environment makes the game incredibly relaxing if you just explore and don’t focus on the objective. You don’t even have to understand what to do, you can just enjoy the audiovisual adventure through dreams and casually discover how each one works.

I found myself rushing through parts of the game which brought down my enjoyment of a level and made the mechanic of forgetting very painful to repeat. This is a game you have to take your time with and explore entire levels to fully experience and enjoy the mechanics and environments of the game.

At times the game can be frustrating or difficult to discover what your objective is for a specific level. Failing multiple times can bring you back a level or certain levels are complicated and have you restarting countless times. The amazing visuals of Rememoried can still be appreciated despite failing over and over.

Overall, this is a very pretty game with a great soundtrack; and the forgetting mechanic seems original. I believe it is worth $10 and is a very relaxing game. The only negative comment i have is that the levels are very hard to figure out.

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