Bungie Weekly Update Promises Shot Gun Nerf

The latest Bungie weekly update (full text here) has a few major news items.

First the game is officailly being patched to 2.0.1, which Bungie promises will bring with it more legendaries and easier ways to acquire them.  This begins with the quest to unlock the elusive Sleeper Simulant. which started this week and had many players scrambling. This was not the first time a weapon has been incredibly hard to get in destiny (who remembers Gjallarhorn?) but it is the first time an event has been based around one.  According to Design Lead Tyson Green ” he response to Sleeper Simulant was humbling because we did not predict the community reaction. When we try new things, players often teach us a lesson about how to do it better, and this one has us thinking hard about how Quests communicate their availability” in summary, this was a good try, but there could be improvements in the future

Second, a large missive was posted on shotguns in the crucible. I wont tease, heres the real meat “With the deployment of Update 2.0.1, we will wholesale remove the Shot Package perk from all Shotguns. Any shotgun with Shot Package (depending on the exact weapon) will now have Close and/or Personal, Crowd Control, or Knee Pads. This change has not negatively impacted our PVE playtests.” For those of you who dont play destiny, that means that Shot guns are no longer effective at long range (as they should be).  I personally think this change is long overdue, and will be glad to see it go in to effect in the crucible.

check out the full dev blog for the rest of the changes coming in the new patch!

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