Nintendo launches Splatoon Stat Site SplatNet

Nintendo has launched a companion stat-tracking and social meet up site. The site is called SplatNet and is now available.

You’ll need to log in with your Nintendo Network ID (and if you play any Nintendo title online you already have this) and you’re set to go. You can recruit friends for Splatoon battles, view rankings and equipment, and more! This site can be viewed on desktop or mobile devices.

Check the online status of your friends or see who you’re battling with! You can set battle plans and if you’re playing Splatoon at the time you set, you’ll automatically tweet to your followers to let them know you’re playing! Once you link your Twitter account to the site that is.

You can also check your rank and check out the gear and weapons you have equipped while playing online. Best if all you can now view the current and upcoming battle stages. Finally!

Sign in at to get started.


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