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Adventure Bar Story Unfolds this Thursday

Open up your calendar because there’s another RPG set to keep you busy for awhile. CIRCLE Entertainment is prepping Adventure Bar Story for release this week, with the RPG set to debut in the Nintendo 3DS eShop this Thursday.

The game is set in a fantasy world in which you go on adventures with party members and manage a bar. Your bar is facing a hostile take over by a rich Restaurant Owner: Gustav. Gustav is a powerful man and he will try to drive you out of business and force you to sell the bar! And what is the best way to defend the take over? You just have to win the crowd and become the most popular bar in town, so even Gustav can’t touch you!

In the game you’ll collect mats to make dishes by visiting other towns and dungeons. Levels are gained in this game by eating, of all things. Raise your bar’s rank via sales at the bar and by performing well in the cooking contest held at the castle.

The game sure seems to be an interesting venture and sounds like a cool concept.

Adventure Bar Story will is a single player role-playing game and will be released on February 19th. The game has been rated E-10+ and is developed by Rideon Inc.

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