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Mario Maker Brings My Childhood Dreams To Life

Odds are, at some point we’ve ALL wanted to do this. In 2015, you’ll be able to create your own Super Mario Bros. levels on the Wii U console. I remember (back in my day *waves cane like Cranky Kong*) putting in Game Genie codes just to see what kind of scrambled up, randomized Mario levels I could discover. Now Nintendo is giving me the power to do that on my own? YES PLEASE! Read on for the trailer! Just look at what you can do!

PS Nintendo, if you make a Super Mario Bros 2 USA (Doki Doki Panic) DLC pack, I’ll be all over that! We NEED more content like this! Design your own levels? Please make it easy to share this content! Give us rating systems and basically make it one big crazy Steam Workshop kind of setup! This really is awesome and I hope concepts like this continue to evolve out of this idea for Nintendo.

Look at that pic above! The layout even has a Mario Paint kind of aesthetic it seems. That’s now all you can do. Check out the trailer below and let your imagination go wild!


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