Exclusive Nintendo 2DS Pokémon X and Y Bundles Coming

Starting December 6th there will be two special editions of the Nintendo 2DS hardware which will come packaged with Pokémon X or Y pre-installed. The two bundle options will be exclusive to specific retailers and only for a limited time.

Target will offer an exclusive bundle that includes the Pokémon X game pre-installed on a red Nintendo 2DS system while Toys”R” Us will offer an exclusive Pokémon Y bundle at stores. That bundle will include a blue Nintendo 2DS system and the Pokémon Y game pre-loaded on an SD card. Both bundles will retail for $149.99 and are only available while supplies last. At the present time Target is not showing the bundle as a pre-orderable item online.

One interesting note is that the above bundle details are for the United States. In Canada both bundles are available at Toys”R”Us Canada, though are only listed as out of stock right now.

While the bundles in Canada seem to be exclusive to Toys”R”Us, the 2DS systems without the game are also showing as on sale on Walmart.ca for $99. So if you haven’t taken the 2DS/3DS plunge now would seem to be a great time to start.

What do you think about the latest offering? If aren’t sure about Pokémon X or Y you can read our review here. Let us know what you think in the comments down below.

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