You Tube Arrives on Nintendo 3DS

The You Tube application has quietly arrived in the Nintendo 3DS eShop over the weekend with the app popping up sometime after the weekly downloads were released. The application is quite small and works pretty well, with the app feeling like an extension of the 3DS web browser.

Originally announced as part of November 13th’s Nintendo Direct, the YouTube application allows Nintendo 3DS owners, with a broadband Internet connection, to watch all their favorite YouTube content on the go. Videos are displayed on the top screen of the portable while the bottom screen is used for browsing content.

The app really feels like it’s based on the 3DS web browser, which has always felt a bit sluggish and clunky to me, but I do appreciate the addition of a You Tube app since the platform is just about everywhere. And since I carry my 3DS just about everywhere it’s a natural fit.

What do you think? Will you use the app?

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