November 2, 2013

Humble Bundle No Longer Offering Steam Keys

Posted on November 2, 2013 by Rae Michelle Richards

Low cost games are a great deal for the frugal and casual among us but it looks like one of the key sources of low cost PC games, the Humble Bundle, have changed their terms of service. Donating a few bucks for charity used to score you a few steam keys for some great games but it looks like the team behind the Humble Bundle has decided to discontinue the practice of giving away steam codes. Instead, donators are now presented with the option of clicking a link on their order confirmation screen that will add the games to their account through the Steam client.

Originally pointed out by watchful users on Reddit, the change in policy was noticed by potential buyers of the latest bundle featuring Team 17’s Worms franchise. As several of the users point out, there was a very shaky second hand market where individuals were able to sell some of the “beat the average” titles for a much higher price. This is especially true for some of the previous bundles, like the THQ Bundle, which featured $60+ of games for as little as $1. Even though a very popular Steam Key trading community emerged from the Humble scene, this could be a move to disarm those looking to make a profit.Read More


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