Pokémon X and Y Available To Capture This Saturday

The latest Pokémon adventure is about to be released in just one day! Fans have seen over the previous months just how amazing this 3DS generation of Pokémon looks. Personally, they had me there! Combat looks amazing, wandering the world is beautiful, but yet there’s even more! Mega Evolutions which seem to take place with a special device for a limited time in combat after your Pokémon has reached level 100. It sounds like not all Pokémon have mega evolutions, but those that do look awesome!

Not only are there your regular new starter Pokémon to choose from, but you can also select seperately from the starters from the classic Red and Blue series! Not to mention the new fairy type Pokémon category which contrasts dragon type, there is so much here.

One of the other big features is Pokémon-Amie which basically seems to work as an almost Nintendogs like way of interacting with your Pokémon. Nintendo has really done a lot to make this latest generation even more special. Which is saying something since Black and White were outstanding games. You can even ride certain Pokémon as mounts around town it seems!

Best of all, you get all this content for the regular price of just $40! The next generation of Pokémon is about to begin and it couldn’t look any more awesome! We’re as eager as you are to take a look at this latest installment.

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