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PS Vita TV: Sony Considering Positive Western Response

During their TGS Pre-show Sony Japan announced a new set-top version of the PlayStation Vita aimed at the living room and now  SCEA CEO Andrew House has stated that the console manufacturer is ‘very encouraged’  by the excitement of western gamers.  This doesn’t confirm a western release but it is at least a small sign that at the executive level Sony is aware of western demand for this yet unreleased miniature PS Vita.

PS Vita TV is a small device, measuring 6.5CM X 10.5CM that contains the internal guts of a PlayStation Vita, Game Card/Memory Card slot and for the first time an HDMI port – something the 2011 PS Vita model sorely lacked.  Alongside the ability to play downloaded PSP/PS Vita and physical Vita Game Cards PS Vita TV can also access video streaming services such a Netflix, Hulu and the Japan only Tsutaya TV. Meaning that Sony’s latest piece of kit will combat with other streaming media boxes while offering a superior  library of games!

This little white box will start appearing under Japanese TVs on November 14th for around $150 USD. No official confirmation or date for a western or European release but with the PlayStation 4 launching in just two short months chances are we will see the PS Vita TV sometime in 2014.

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