Megaman-Like Mighty No. 9 Almost Kickstarted Already

The comparison to Mega Man is more than understandable in Mighty No. 9‘s Kickstarter campaign, which has almost reached it’s $900,000 goal. With a team of Mega Man alumni bringing the project to life with Keiji Inafune as the project lead, this looks like the next big thing inspired by the series.

Already looking beautiful just from the concept art, Mighty No. 9 stars Beck as the ninth in a line of robots, and the only one who hasn’t gone berzerk from a computer virus affecting mechanized creatures around the world.

So while this isn’t an official Mega Man title, it definitely has the right people behind it. Looking like a fantastic adventure into a mechanical future, this campaign will most likely succeed and proceed into it’s stretch goals of additional content in no time. Rightfully so too. This is a pleasant surprised and wonderful to see fans coming to support such wonderful creators.

The team is looking to release this game for Steam on PC. For more information and to donate should be feel so inclined, check out the kickstarter campaign here:

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