Shadows of the Eternal’s Kickstarter Is Back From The Dead

You can’t keep a good game down, and it seems like Precursor Game’s Shadow of the Eternal is one of those projects that won’t go down without a fight. After a failed dual source funding campaign that combined KickStarter and their own crowd funding effort through the game’s official website, Shadow’s of the Eternals has been relisted on KickStarter with a much smaller target. David Hayter, the voice of Solid Snake, has also joined in the on this time period jumping action-adventure according to the re-launched campaign.

Amazingly they have raised $116,000 in just 24 hours! With 28 days to go, will they hit their $750,000 goal?

Shadows of The Eternals is a spiritual successor to the GameCube classic Eternal Darkness, in fact many staffers on the Precursor team are former members of Silicon Knights, the developers of Eternal Darkness. Shadows, if funded will feature an 8 – 10 hour campaign, rather than being delivered episodically as originally planned, includes the signature “sanity effects” and will be developed in collaboration with Kickstarter backers through a special forum. They are currently targeting PC and WiiU with the PlayStation 4 as a stretch goal.

Rewards for backing Shadows include exclusive forum access, with the promise of affecting the final project through feedback, for $5. Discounted copies of the final game are available for early backers for$20, with the regular price being fixed at $25 for the remainder of the campaign. Interestingly you can get in on the game’s beta for $100, if that is your sort of thing.

I’ve included the game’s original demonstration video below, there is no denying that it is visually impressive, in fact CryEngine 3 really brings the sanity effects to life. Given that this project has faltered once before, I am a little weary to back it myself, but you guys might want to look into it before their campaign closes on August 23rd.

[youtube id=”rqqu7O3ZP00″ width=”600″ height=”350″]


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