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Circle Looking to Publish Indie Developers Projects

Circle Entertainment has put out a call for indie developers in a release today. The company is looking to partner with independent developers to assist them with funding and/or publishing their titles on Nintendo’s portables.

Circle is offering to help publish and fund an indie Nintendo 3DS title currently in development. They are looking to publish in as many regions as possible, which could include Japan. Circle is also willing to publish an existing 3DS title that may have already been released by publishing it in other regions for the developer. Their open offer lasts until the end of the year.

Another avenue that Circle has opened up is porting titles to the Nintendo eShop. Games that have already been released on other platforms (i.e. iOS) could be ported and published with a focus on the Nintendo eShop platform.

Circle Entertainment, which has released thirty games in the Nintendo eShops, have a bunch of games on the horizon, including Swords & Solidiers 3D, Puzzle Craft, Toy Defense, World Conquest and ASH.

Take a look at some of the criteria for indie developers:

  1. If you or your team already have a great title for other platforms, and you want to have a version on the eShop as well.
  2. If you are a Nintendo developer, and you need additional funds to finish your games, we consider your proposal and your development history. If approved, we provide you between $3000 – $10000 USD, and publish your title world-wide in the Nintendo eShop.
  3. If you have an eShop title for Europe/North America, and you want it released in Japan.
  4. If you have an eShop title for Japan, and you want it released in the Europe and North America.

Interested developers can contact Circle Entertainment at

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