EA Launches ‘Origin Gamer’s Appreciation Sale’

EA wants to show you, the gamer, that they love you, buy offering you heavily discounted PC / Xbox 360/ PS3 titles for the next week. Over 200 titles are discounted up to 70% off including some big names from last year.

Some of the noteworthy deals include Battlefield 3 Premium for $24.99, Crysis 3 for $29.99, Mass Effect 3 for $9.99 and Hitman Absolution for $15.00. They’re also throwing in free shopping on physical item orders over $25. I couldn’t possibly list all of the games here, so check out the Origin Store Front for all of the deals.

Will this be enough to sway users to Origin after the disastrous launch of Sim City? I’m sure that EA will be a huge influx of cash from these deals, and Crysis 3’s inclusion is surprising considering the game came out only a few weeks ago. Although players who purchased Sim City and then were offered free copies of Battlefield 3, among other games, must be pissed off that the company is discounting the games used as an apology– effectively tarnishing it.

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