Pokémon Mystery Dungeon to have DLC on Launch

Nintendo announced on Thursday that when the latest Pokémon title is release on March 24th that the game will have downloadable content ready for purchase on a regular basis. The downloadable content includes new Mystery Dungeons to explore, new items to collect and new Pokémon to interact with.

As a special treat for fans, the first piece of downloadable content, the Poké Forest Mystery Dungeon, will be free to download from launch day until April 30th. Three additional downloadable Mystery Dungeons will be available to purchase when the game launches, and additional content will launch regularly throughout April.

In addition to the single-player dungeon exploration of Hero Mode, the game will also include local multiplayer for up to four players in Companion Mode. Players can explore new Mystery Dungeons together and collect experience and items that carry over to Hero Mode. Players can also help out other players by tagging them using the StreetPass feature and reviving their fallen Pokémon using Reviver Seeds.

The Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity website also launches today.

* Originally published on Darkain Arts Gamers.

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