Activision Registers Four New Skylanders Domains – New Game Imminent?

After posting a $500 million dollar profit in the United States alone, it’s safe to say that Skylanders is/has become an annual franchise. While none of these four domains are actually linked to a website it, it’s apparent that Skylanders is here to stay – no matter what Disney has to say about it!

Here are the four domains that were registered by Activision just a few days ago:

For reference,Skylanders Giants’domain was registered early 2012 and it released October 21st, 2012. So it’s quite probable that we will see the next Skylanders game later this year. Of the four names registered, none of them really strike me as a contender for the unannounced sequels final name. But, I guess that’s why Activison makes the big bucks, lol.

What new features would you all like to see in the next Skylanders game? Maybe with the competition with Disney Infinty, we will see some new innovations to the Skylanders franchise. Truly, the second game was really good but it failed to do anything “new” other than adding the Giants which could move “giant obstacles”.

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