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Wii U Direct – Bayonetta 2 Development Progressing Well

Nintendo showed off a new developement video for Platinum Games’ upcoming title Bayonetta 2 via Nintendo Direct on Wednesday morning.

While Iwata couldn’t give much detail to the in development project, he stated that the project is developing well and then showed off a video from the developers.

There will be more locations in the sequel that they couldn’t fit into the first game. Expanding on the essence of who Bayonetta is, the scale of the game is grander and bigger. They’ve upped the scale of the game so that it feels like you are fighting the end boss right from the get go.

Platinum Games stated in the video that they wanted to make a game that maximizes the potential of the Wii U and also ups the ante.

The game, from Platinum Games, Sega and Nintendo, has no firm release date. Check out a video of the presentation from Nintendo below.

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