Resident Evil: Revelations Outed By Achievement List

It appears that the 3DS exclusive Resident Evil: Revelations may be coming to the Xbox 360 if a recent listing of achievements it accurate. While not officially announced, this all but confirms that it will be coming out soon. It’s just a matter if this will be a retail release or released via Games On Demand. Personally I think the latter option will probably be what happens seeing how both Resident Evil 4 & Resident Evil: Code Veronica received similar treatment last year.

Scoring in at a solid 82/100 over on Metacritic it’s clear to see that this game was well received by the critics and would we a welcoming addition to the Xbox 360. Resident Evil: Revelations boasts a return to the earlier series style of games – where you had limited ammo and the game centered around puzzle solving and exploration.

For the 3DS version, the camera is set in the over-the-shoulder position and the protagonist is able to move will firing a weapon (with the option of switching between first and third-person perspectives). Another feature that was implemented on the 3DS version is Raid Mode – which is pretty much a horde mode that allows two players to run through it together.

It’s not clear if these features will be implemented into the unannounced version for the Xbox 360, but when we have more details we will be sure to bring them to you!

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