Phantasy Star Online 2 Vita Beta Begins In Japan

Phantasy Star Online 2 isn’t even out in North America yet but that hasn’t stopped an entire community of avid players from either figuring out how to sign up the Japanese version or posting on forums about the game. PSO2 will see a release on Sony’s Ps Vita sometime early next year in Japan and right now beta sign ups are available for the portable version.

I’m sure by the time this article is published thousands of English speaking gamers will be flooding the servers with their vitas. In order to sign up for the Japanese Beta you will need a PS Vita with an active Japanese PSN account as well as a SEGA Network ID. There are a limited number of spots (50,000) so HURRY!

Only the PC version has been confirmed for North America and is scheduled to arrive sometime next spring. PSO2 is also heading to mobile android phones in Japan but just like the Vita version it may never see the light of day on our shores. When the Vita version releases next Feb it will be available free of charge, supported by micro transactions, or as part of a retail bundle that includes a ton of extras.


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