How Will U Play This Weekend?

Obviously if you’re a fan of video games, you know this is a huge weekend. The Wii U is taking gaming HD, multi-screen, and adding more fuctionality to the sequel to Nintendo’s hit game console, the Wii. So what does Wii U have in store? Lets take a look.

First off, the Wii U proudly boasts itself as the first new home video game system in six years. Arriving this Sunday, you’ll be able to pick up the latest Nintendo system for the holiday season. With it’s robust set of features, the Wii U is set to be an everyday connected device for everyone to enjoy.

So what is in the sets being released this weekend? The Wii U Basic Set will be available for a suggested retail price of $299.99. This bundle includes a white Wii U consule with 8 GB* of storage, one white touch screen GamePad controller, AC adapters for both console and controller, a sensor bar, and an HDMI cable. Meanwhile the Wii U Delxue Set is MSRP listed at $349.99 and it’s components are black. This set includes all the Basic Set elemets as well as the Nintendo Land game, storage totaling 32 GB*, a sonsole stand, a GamePad stand, and a GamePad charging cradle. Those who purchase the Deluxe Set will also be enrolled in the Deluxe Digital Promotion, which allows Deluxe Set owners to earn points when they purchase downloadable games. They will then be able to redeem those points for credit towards even more digital content in the online Nintendo eShop. It is a limited time offer and more info is available on

The Wii U GamePad is one of the biggest selling features and we’re eager to get our hands on one. Reports so far have suggested that it’s lighter than it looks and is very comfortable to hold. Featuring a 6.2-inch touch screen, it adds a lot of unique features to a home gaming console. One that we’re most excited about is being able to switch select games from the TV to be played right on the GamePad. So if you’re playing New Super Mario Bros. U and someone has a show coming on, simply use the quick swap feature to continue gaming right on the controller while others use the TV. Many creative ideas are coming using the GamePad since it gives one player the added fuctionality of the screen while others can be playing with Wii Remotes. The GamePad includes dual analog sticks and traditional buttons for gaming, while being wirelessly connected to the console.

Video on demand is becoming a big deal these days online. With the Wii U not only will Netflix subscribers be able to log in to the service in the coming weeks, but the system will also feature access to YouTube through an application, as well as being able to sign in to your account through the system and control it through the GamePad. Wii U owners who have connected their systems to the Internet will receive a notification as each video application becomes available.

On top of all that video goodness, users will be able to access Nintendo TVii which allows ways to watch and engage with TV shows, movies and sports. The serivce brings together a program guide, remote control and social interaction into one seamless second screen experience on the GamePad. Nintendo TVii comes with the Wii U at no additional charge and requires no additional equipment. It works with existing cable and satellite channels. Views can engage with others in a variety of ways, such as commenting on moments as they happen on live TV, and then sahring those thoughts via Miiverse, Facebook, and Twitter. Users can also discover more about what they’re watching as information from a variety of scources is automatically linked to the program they are watching, including sports data. Nintendo TVii is customizable for every member of the family.

So what is Miiverse? It’s a new way for you to share experiences, discuss games, and learn more about video games you love using your personalized Mii characters. You can see games and entertainment you’ve interacted with recently in this section, as well as see what your friends are playing or discussing. It also seems to be how you can challenge friends to play together, as well as ask for help from the Miiverse community about difficult elements of your favourite games. How far we’ve come from calling the Nintendo Helpline back in the late 80’s. Now you can discuss your games right on your console.

Wii U Chat allows system owners to video chat over broadband Internet connections using the built in camera and microphone of the Wii U GamePad. You can talk to friends and family members in real time at no additional charge.

Finally, yes, you’ll still be able to use your new Nintendo console to browse the Internet. It gets better though letting you browse  purely on the GamePad while watching a TV program. Even better, you can pause your games, launch the browser and search for something, then re-enter your game right where you left off. Need some hints? Go right to your favourite source straight from your console in mid game.

Ron bertram, Nintendo of Canada’s vice-president and general manage notes, “The value of Wii U goes well beyond day one. Nintendo will be enhancing the Wii U experience with continuous updates and new services for Wii U owners.”

* 1 GB = 1 billion bytes. Usable internal memory limited due to system software.

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