Pachter: Xbox 720 Should Launch Between Oct ’13 and May ’14

Depending on who you talk to industry analyst Michael Pachter is someone who either a wise sage who keeps his eye on the business side of gaming or someone who talks out his ass when it comes to future events.  With the year coming to a close GameTrailers TV took a swing at guessing the future of Microsoft in 2013.

After a brief review of the year in everything Xbox 360 host Geoff Keighley posted the question of the next Xbox to Pachter. In response he speculated that the system will be announced either before or around E3 and will be available either in the fall of 2013 or late winter of 2014. He also believes that the system should include a TV Tuner that allows owners access to Comcast/HBO/Verizon and other cable subscriptions they may subscribe too.

Do you think any of this is accurate? For perspective’s sake Microsoft announced and launched the Xbox 360 within 6 months (announced in May ’05 and launched in November ’05). Check out the video below:

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