The Heroes Who Made Quest For Glory Need U

Not to be confused with all the recent U puns for the Wii-U, the creators of Quest for Glory are back looking to make a new PC game with some hardcore fans and some of the folks from Jolly Rover, MacGuffin’s Curse, and Emerald City Confidential! Unlike most Lori and Corey Cole adventure games, this one focuses on a named “hero”  Shawn O’Conner. He’s an thief who ends up getting caught in his thieves guild initiation. It’s either jail or reform school for Shawn, so he chooses to be sent off to Hero-U! The play style sounds a bit different too, check out the page below for full details!

Where you come in is the development team is funding this project on kickstarter! To no surprise the money is flowing in by the thousands and for $20 you can secure yourself a copy of the digital download version. That and you get access to the games production forums so you can give your feedback as well!

Join in and see all the details on Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption’s Kickstarter Page and check out the games official blog at Hero-U.Net

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