EA/Bioware Launches Mass Effect 3 Portal N7 HQ

So, what exactly is this Mass Effect 3 Portal N7 HQ? Think of Battlefield’s Battlelog, only less Battlefield and more Mass Effect!


You can find the newly launched N7 HQ website by clicking here.  This portal will track all of your hours played, matches played, challenges completed, etc, etc. Also you can check where you are ranked on the leaderboards. As well as checking up on your friends (or enemies) and see where they stack up too! Not to mention to see how they are leveling up their characters!

It seems that EA/Bioware has gone all out for Mass Effect 3, which is a good thing. It’s good to see them contining to support the title in different ways. Whether by launching a stat tracking site or adding new multiplayer maps every so often.

What do you all think about this new site?


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