Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron | Review

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is the sequel to the surprise hit Transformers: War For Cybertron. I managed to miss the predecessor, but thanks to some friends here at Broken Joysticks I got my hands on the sequel. Man does it feel good to be playing a good transformers game. The Transformers franchise has not been treated so well in recent years. With those terrible movies and all, I’m glad to see developer High Moon Studios has such high respect for the source material.

Transformers:FoC is a beautiful game, character models and environments have a really mechanical feel to them. It does take some getting used to, this is a planet crafted by machines for machines. The visuals overall just feel correct when you switch between vehicle and robot mode something just clicks saying that feels right. The same can be said for firing a weapon everything just feels correct. This is helped by the games audio as well. Music is appropriate and fits the mood of the events on screen. Each weapon feels powerful yet unique. The most powerful aspect of the audio is by far the voice acting. Megatron is chilling, Starscream is appropriately whinny and, Optimus is inspiring. The top notch voice acting really helps these characters leap off the screen.[youtube id=”eyW5KMMDjZw” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The Narative in Fall Of Cybertron is incredible. You will be carried through a range of emotions happy, sad, angry. You really get to see the scope of the war that eventually lead the Transformers to earth. There are some very clever nods intended for fans of the original series but knowing the series is not a necessity to enjoy the story. Overall the plot should last about ten hours giving you a decent bang for your buck. My only real complaints for Fall Of Cybertron come from the game play. The good news being they are all very minor.

As I said above Fall Of Cybertron does a very good job at making each weapon feel unique and powerful. Not only that but weapons can be upgraded thorough the games experience system to become even deadlier. My biggest complaint about Fall Of Cybertron is that mechanically each autobot or Decepticon you play does not feel unique. There is a reason for this; every Transformer can use every weapon. This works great allowing you to customize your play style regardless of who you are playing. However, I find it takes away from the unique feeling of each character from a game play perspective. Thankfully the other aspects of the game more then make up for this.

Finally we come to the multiplayer. I mentioned above that the campaign will last you roughly ten hours. That is not a bad value for money spent. However, if you like fast paced and unique multiplayer you are going to lose a lot more time to this game. Now Fall of Cybertron does not break any modes with gameplay types here. There is Death match, Capture the Flag, a horde mode etc. What makes this multiplayer so addictive is the faced paced and strategic elements. A smart player who has not leveled and unlocked a lot of the more juicy upgrades can still decimate with pure skill. Knowing how and when vehicle form is more beneficial then robot form. Knowing how to use each classes special abilities for maximum effect. A smart player can rock this game from level 1. Remember how I also complained about characters not feeling unique enough mechanically? That is fixed in the multiplayer. Each class has things they are good at and things they’re not so good at. Each feels unique and so very much fun. My personal favourites being the Scout and Scientist, there is hours of fun to be had here. If you like fast paced multiplayer this one is a buy. If you’re interested in an emotional story this one is a buy. This one has my recommendation buy it folks.

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