Obsidian Entertainment Kickstarting Project Eternity

I grew up on PC titles like Fallout, Icewind Dale, and PlaneScape. As a huge AD&D fan, these treasures had tons of content to explore and always some fresh adventure to discover.

That’s ‘Project Eternity’ to be exact. While there arn’t many details on it yet, it’s a safe bet to assume this will be a fantastic game. With creators I’ve loved throughout my youth coming back and offering up new content through kickstart I’m finally seeing the true value of group funding like this. If projects like this are possible to begin with, it’s positive to see them coming to live any way that studios can make that happen. Check out Project Eternity on Kickstarter.

Besides sounding like the game will feature locked camera views much like traditional Obsidian RPG’s, this will be a pure fantasy setting based around a world where magic isn’t rare and is linked to the souls of those who are using it. One of the games themes explores a persons soul as being able to give them power.

Obsidian seems excited to be able to make this a mature rated game and delve into all the content they have in mind. Considering all Obsidian content does have well fleshed out characters, it should be interesting to see what this means for Project Eternity.

Article from partner site Darkain Arts Gamers.

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